How to Make Big Profits in Real Estate the EASY Way, So You Can Say Goodbye to the Grind of Wholesaling, Landlording and Flipping Forever!
Without Banks, Credit, Investors or Your Own Money
Building Financial Freedom Through Lease-Options With John Jackson, the Foremost Lease Option Authority in the World
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No More Dealing With . . .

  Rundown Properties

  Brutal Negotiating

  Problem Tenants

  Intense Competition

  High Risk Deals 

With John Jackson’s 100% Proven Methods You’ll Discover How To . . .

Start closing lease option deals in 60 days or less and earn $10,000 to $20,000 per transaction.

 Become the Super Hero

  To sellers who are struggling to sell

  To buyers who are struggling to buy

Work with quality people and great properties in a simple transaction that gives everybody what they want.
If You Have . . .

  Spent a lot of time & money wholesaling with small returns

  Tried flipping and lost money or worked long hours for little profit

  Realized that owning rental properties is just another low-pay day job

If You’re . . .

  Wanting to get into real estate but don’t have a lot of capital

  Already doing real estate but not making the returns you hoped

  Looking for a way to expand your real estate business without investing

Then you owe it to yourself...
To get off the hamster wheel of wholesaling, flipping and landlording and learn the TRUTH about how to really make money in real estate without dealing with questionable people, crappy properties, brutal negotiations and intense competition.

My tried and true method will set you free from all that struggle and frustration and put plenty of Benjamins in your bank account.

I’m John Jackson, best known as the world’s foremost expert in Lease Option real estate. More than a decade ago I decided to leave my day job and build my future in real estate. I had friends and colleagues doing flips, renting out properties or wholesaling, but I realized early on that none of these types of real estate were for me. I just didn’t want to spend my life chasing crappy deals, with awful pee-smelling properties or begging investors to back me on risky flip deals and hoping for the best.

The problem was that everyone was doing these kinds of deals and nobody was teaching any other method for real estate success.

Until one day I attended a seminar on lease options that changed everything for me -- and I hope for you! What I learned that day and what I’ve spent years perfecting was that there are a ton of great people out there who for one reason or another are struggling to buy and sell homes. By helping to connect great people to great properties I could make everybody happy and earn a fat commission. 

Doesn’t that sound better than making 1,000’s of phone calls to find one decent wholesale deal or chasing broke tenants around for rent payments or begging investors for money to do risky, time-consuming flips?

Lease Option deals are really easy to find, I don’t have to negotiate the sales price, good quality buyers are lined up in every market and I get paid at the closing! 

Best of all, I get to be the hero, because I help sellers get a top price for their properties and I help buyers qualify for properties when banks say “no.” I don’t need to put money down. I don’t need to control the property. I don’t need credit, banks or investors, either. And in every market, in any economic situation, about 80% of properties fit my model.

I’ve done more than 700 lease option deals in the past few years and my average fee is $14,000. Do the math, that’s about $10 million dollars and counting. And I’ve trained hundreds of others to do what I do and they’re having the time of their lives . . .

So if you want to learn how to make a fantastic living doing real estate, but you’ve had enough of the rat race, you’re just one step away from saying goodbye forever to the grind, the struggle and the frustration of doing real estate the hard way . . .

I’ll see you at the training SuperHero!
John Jackson

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John Jackson is considered the nation’s premier authority on real estate lease options, and is often referred to as the “King of Lease Options”. Other nationally recognized real estate educators refer their students to John to learn his lease option systems.

John started his lease option company, Leasing To Buy®, in 2003, and has since done over 600 lease option transactions, with his students having done hundreds of lease option transactions as well.

John has been featured on FOX, NBC, multiple podcasts and radio shows, as well as a #1 Amazon bestselling author of Real Estate Rockstars!

In 2018 John co-authored “Real Estate Rock Stars” which hit #1 on Amazon in 3 categories and in April of 2021 will launch the first ever podcast devoted exclusively to the topic of lease options.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the “King of Lease Options” himself - even if you have ZERO knowledge of lease options!

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